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The General Idea of a Proxy Server and How It Works

More and more people become aware of how much information they share when browsing the Internet. So, it naturally led to the inquiries of what a proxy server is and what it does. Let’s figure out how this thing works.
A proxy server or a proxy is a function that is used to get to a certain site via other computers. It’s like a link in the chain connecting your PC to the targeted source. It happens like this. Let’s imagine you already have bought and set up a proxy server. Now you want to visit a certain website. Your computer sends a request for a site, it goes to the proxy server, and the server goes to the initially targeted server. Then it sends you the information from your request. As a result, the website you visit will not see your IP address but the address of the server. Go to and learn more.
Now we’ve come across another term which is also very important to understand – an IP address. Every provider gives your computer an IP address which identifies you on the Internet. It’s tied to your name and home address and can be traced back to you. So this is a kind of sensitive information and there’s no good sharing it on the suspicious sites. Hackers can steal it and use for their purposes. That’s why hiding it with the help of proxy servers makes sense.
What’s more, the servers can make your browsing faster (or slower). If you access the website, which is stored on the server after you visit it, you’ll get the data sooner. It happens because the file is delivered from the server.
You should also know that there are different kinds of servers that perform various extra functions and secure different levels of anonymity. In addition, some of them make as if you access the site from a certain country. Some American stores ban the users from outside the US, so if you go to, the proxy will make you appear from the USA. This can also be used for games, gambling, and tons of other things.
Mind that the paid proxies are usually better as they are more reliable and secure a higher level of anonymity. These are elite or anonymous proxies. If you use open or forwarding types, your IP address may still be revealed to the website since they have other purposes and don’t hide your information.

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