Place your Confidence in People Who Know All About Software Products

Are you anxious to launch your first designed application? Put too many efforts on this software project for it to fail? Time to stop being worried and get acquainted with Testmatick team – these people will gladly take care of unexpected program bugs!

A brief history of the company

Testmatick has entered the IT world in 2009 and brighten up many app producers’ lives. Testmatick already has offices in Ukraine, the USA and Israel. The company has achieved plenty of things since it’s come to market, has tested almost a hundred sites and gained 68 clients worldwide.

How can Testmatick be of use?

Let us imagine you are creating a mobile app to assist people in taking good care of their health – it may include a variety of options, unique interface, but is it easy to use? Testmatick certified engineers can execute complex tests of your project themselves and involve end-users in the process, to see if the app satisfies their expectations.

What spheres does the company keen on?

The company specializes in many areas of your interest and has the most suitable type of software testing services for each of them. SEO Testing is usually required for websites, and Functionality and User Interface Testing certainly go along with mobile and computer games. If you have a problem choosing the sorts of testing you need, Testmatick consultants will give you a professional advice.

The bonuses of using Testmatick:

–    Saves producer’s time;

–    Brings closer the releasing date of the project;

–    All needed services can be found in one place – you don’t have to redistribute work to other companies.

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