How to Choose Perfume by Its Category?

When you wish to get a new perfume, it’s very important to pick the best one. However, tastes differ and everybody has his own notion of a perfect scent. Everything depends also on the mood, season, occasion, and other preferences. Let’s go over the main categories of perfumes to help you make the right choice.

Groups of perfume

Visit any online store like, and you are sure to see that you can filter the available scents by the categories: citrus, floral, fruity, green, oriental, woody, oceanic, etc. These are basically the groups you should pay attention to when choosing a new fragrance.

First of all, you should start by deciding which scents you like the most. There is no point choosing a fruity fragrance if you like floral ones much better. However, there is also a factor of what you need it for. For instance, floral perfume is great for events like ballet, a wedding, going to church, etc. Fruity perfume, on the other hand, will be the best choice for the first date. It’s a proved fact that citrus fragrances are most suitable for daytime and boost your energy and mood. Some green and oceanic perfumes are great for summer and casual walks in the park.

There was a time when a woman had to get a signature scent. Now the lifestyle required the whole wardrobe of perfumes for each occasion and mood. Explore the new categories or buy some mono fragrances (like Jo Malone) and learn how to mix them and create a unique smell.

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