5 Common mistakes of choosing your first acoustic guitar

When you choose an acoustic guitar, you need to consider dozens of features. Many newbies often make the same slips when choosing their first instruments. Find out a list of the most common mistakes for picking up the guitar.

5 Common mistakes when choosing your first guitar

  • Picking up the wrong type of guitar. Your choice should depend on what type of music you are going to play. Therefore, starting with an acoustic guitar might not be your best choice, if you are likely to play rock music.
  • Choosing the wrong size of the guitar. If you are planning to buy the first guitar for your kid, chose the lighter musical instrument. The smallest available size is ¼. You can also choose from ½, ¾ and full-size guitars.
  • Buying the guitar with strings that are too hard play. Always try to play the chosen guitar before making a purchase to make sure you can do it smoothly. To know more about guitars, strings and other necessary guitar equipment, visit
  • Getting too tough machine heads. Unless you are a professional player, avoid choosing an instrument with vintage style tuners since they are usually tougher than classical ones. Guitars with the die-cast machine heads remain to be the top choice for beginners.
  • Choosing guitars developed by famous brands. Guitars for beginners don’t have too many differences, no matter on what brand you choose. Picking up less famous guitar producer might help you to save your money.

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