3 Tips to Create a Modern Room without Hiring an Interior Stylist

For those who dream about making a place comfortable for living which looks modern. Visit interiorseye.com to get more ideas about what modern flat is. Read this article to get free but effective guides.

A renovation is a stressful period, there are so many things to do. Choosing the most suitable interiorseye isn’t an easy task. Today we’ll show you some tips and tricks which can change the look of your flat without paying much money or hiring an interior stylist.

Buy parget instead of wallpaper

Wallpaper is a usual material which doesn’t add anything interesting to houses. If you take parget instead of it, you’ll get a durable coverage which is hard to damage. Moreover, it looks modern and similar to popular loft designs. Create a texture to add even more little but eye-catching details.

Use stretch ceiling

This type of ceiling looks more nice and easy than the usual one. To adjust stretch ceiling you’ll have to spend about a few hours, but the result will gratify you for many years. It’s also a durable variant which will protect the furniture and other interior details if your neighbors flood you.

A cloakroom instead of a wardrobe

Wardrobes aren’t convenient and they take too much place. The modern interior is all about saving space. So throw away your old wardrobe and create a cloakroom instead of it.

If you’re looking for more ideas for a renovation, visit interiorseye.com. On this website, one will find a numerous number of photos with the interior, 14 styles, 45 types of materials and many other things.

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