Web Browser & Mobile Miner – Earn More on Your Website and Mobile App

Are you dreaming about earning more? It’s not a problem no matter what you have a website, mobile app or an online game. Today Mineralt, a service for mining in a web, is in our focus.

Little steps to big money

Depending on the amount of traffic you attract to the platform you can mine crypto. Using Mineralt it’s easier and cheaper. For mining, you need to get a code, integrate it to the existing one and adjust the settings. The fee is fixed, every user pays 30% of profits. And the minimum payout is almost $4. Web Browser & Mobile Miner – Earn More on Your Website and Mobile App

Know the future incomes in advance

It’s also very simple to predict how much you’ll earn by filling in the information in a special box. Mineralt calculates everything depending on the monthly number of visitors, maximum CPU load and the average time of the visit. For example, if your website is visited by a million of people, the max load is 50% and the average time they spend is 4 min., your profits will exceed $375. Everything you earn can be received in different ways: on PayPal, Monero, Webmoney and other wallets.

Summing up the advantages

In one word, Mineralt is worth trying because:
– It’s suitable for different platforms;
– The price for usage is reasonable;
– There are many types of coins.

If you still hesitate about starting mining we want to add that it’s already widely used and you have not so much time to join the miners for such low price. If this service becomes popular there’s a risk of the price boost. Are you still here?

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