A legit bitcoin mixer – Bestmixer.

Bestmixer is a mixing service allowing people to exchange their coins in the circumstances of absolute privacy. The transactions are fast and inexpensive.

There are many exchanging websites, but Bestmixer is different. It provides people the assurance of privacy which no other service can give. On their website ( it’s said that the servers are protected from impacts and they are located in a secure database.

What the developers and the customers get from Bestmixer?

This mixer is estimated by clients. It gives them a highly protected and easily operated opportunity to work with such cryptocurrencies as Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and Litecoin. They have the lowest fees there – it’s 0.5% at the start. Besides, once you mix coins you get a discount which will rise to 50%. The developers can be satisfied with the detailed documentation and a free service.

Why do you need to mix your coins?

Nowadays almost everyone offers a secure and anonymous way to operate with cryptocurrency. But the blockchain system needs you to give personal data. It could be your address, family name or other contact information. So, you and your money can be traced. Bestmixer shuffles your coins and multiplies customers’ wallets. Thus, the data cannot be identified and all the information will be deleted within 24 hours. You can leave up to 10 addresses to receive your money, no personal data.

To sum up, we admit that the conditions which Bestmixer offers are pretty convenient. This legit bitcoin mixer is easy to use and perfectly secure. Maybe one day Bestmixer will truly become the best.

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