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5 Top CRM USA Software Platforms for Expanding Your Business

Today, lots of ambitious and hard-working US businesses keep track of new, innovative software products that can help them out in increasing their share of the market. We offer to your attention 5 top CRM USA software platforms that will be very useful in achieving your goals.

Bpm’online CRM in the USA


If you wish to use one of the best CRM USA platforms for boosting your business performance, check this one.

Its main features are the following:

  • BPM;
    • Choosing the most suitable leads;
    • Keeping all of your internal processes automate;
    • A range of tools for managing business processes;
    • The best industry practices for maximizing the efficiency of business process management.
  • Forecast sales using different criteria:
    • Checking if your goals are achieved using forecasting tools;
    • Planning sales volumes on different levels;
    • Comparing indicators and applying filtering tools to obtain the needed information;
  • Knowledge base of a CRM system;
    • Accumulating the knowledge in a knowledge base for the most effective CRM;
    • Knowledgebase articles will help to sort out issues quicker, improving support for your customers and partners, which will ensure long-term relationships.



Pipedrive is a sales management tool for small sales teams that allows managing sales processes. You can find it here.

This easy-to-use platform allows enjoying the following benefits:

  • Save your time thanks to automating track of your progress, emails, and calls;
  • Thanks to one tool for one process, you will enjoy a streamlined view of the sales process;
  • Knowing what exactly you need to do next;
  • Making sure that your goals are realistic.

Salesforce CRM

This is another interesting CRM USA platform that allows tracking of all customer details in a single place. The platform can be found here.

It allows utilizing the following modules:

  • Automate marketing;
  • Managing leads;
  • Managing partners;
  • Sales information;
  • Managing contacts.

Zoho CRM

This CRM platform allows engaging with customers, getting insights about your business, predicting customer behavior, and building a scalable sales organization. It is available here.

Its main features include:

  • Automate tasks and save more time, which allows spending less time on data entry;
  • Meet your customers thanks to multichannel support available via different contact options, including phone, a live chat options, email, and social media networks;
  • Know your business inside and out by using advanced CRM analytics by Zoho Reports.


This is a single software platform including calendar, business contacts, communications, and more. It gathers information about your contacts from the most popular social channels. You can check it out here.

Its main features include:

  • Management of deals;
  • Management of contacts;
  • Social engagement;
  • Hassle-free sharing;
  • Easy tracking and reporting of sales pipeline.

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