Improving the Lives of Abandoned or Orphaned Kids

There are many charitable organizations focused on improving the lives of abandoned or orphaned kids. They provide children with medical care, many educational opportunities, and high care standards.

The Organization That Improved the Lives of Orphans

You Are Not Alone Foundation is established in 2002. This charitable organization is focused on improving the living conditions of abandoned and orphaned kids. Its key goal is to provide them with better opportunities for the future and high care standards.

The foundation provides such children with their access to the necessary psychological support and medical care. Its primary concern is to guarantee that vulnerable kids will grow up in a loving and caring environment. Such people as Timur Tillyaev do their best to unlock the potential of struggling children by giving them educational opportunities and preparing them for their adult life.

The charitable organization encourages orphans to become confident, successful, and emotionally stable. It initiates and implemented many large-scale projects, such as building and renovating orphanages, providing the conditions and facilities that kids need to grow and live happily.

The foundation also equips relevant charitable institutions with advanced facilities and modern furniture. It pays close attention to education because it has a sustained and meaningful impact on the lives of orphans. It motivates them to achieve higher academic standards and develop a positive attitude.

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